Rani Natural orange Drink

Rani is the first "home-grown" brand for Aujan Industries. It comes in two categories: Float and juice drink. Rani Float is a juice with real fruit pieces, while the drink category is a regular juice. Rani is available in four different formats: cans, cartons, plastic and glass bottles.

In 1982 in Saudi Arabia, Rani Orange Float became the first product in the range to reach market. This was swiftly followed by a series of other formats, helping Rani to enjoy double digit growth in every year of its existence, and by 1999 annual sales had passed the ten million case milestone.

Rani Float's unique recipe of fruit juice and real fruit pieces (or "chunks") has proved to be hugely popular with the younger generation and is today available in a variety of flavours: Orange, Peach, Pineapple, Mango and Strawberry and Banana.

Over the years Rani has established the unique brand property, "Float," the fruit juice with real fruit pieces, which has highly differentiated the brand within the fruit juice category. 

In addition to the great taste of Rani Float, the juice drink (Rani Juice drink) also offers unique, convenient and fun packaging. Rani juice drink comes in many flavours, such as Mango, Apple, Cocktail, Orange, Red Grapes and Guava. 

In 2009, Rani Juice drink brand identity had a complete revamp (new packaging, new labels).

In 2010 Rani Float was re-launched in a new can, which fueled even more the growth and development of the brand. The new brand identity packaging of Rani Float provides a more contemporary look with a distinct burst of colour, reflecting the drink's famous fruit chunks and reminding consumers of the rich flavours that Rani Float offers. 

The "Rani Float Ritual" is to "Shake, Open, Drink and Chew."

Sales of RANI, the Middle East’s number one juice brand, increased by 22 percent year-on-year. Key to the growth of Aujan Industries in the past years was its continued strong performance in core and emerging markets, in addition to an ambitious expansion strategy.

Early 2012, Coca-Cola announced that it has closed the deal of buying 45% of Aujan Industries for $980 million, reports AP.
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By the end of 2012 Aujan's sales passed the $1 billion mark, driven by organic growth in core markets and expansion into new markets.

August 2012, RANI is introduced to Sri Lanka through Rani Lanka (Pvt) LTD. Since then sales have boomed among the young at school canteens, and among adults at leading supermarkets and restaurants.